Advanced Jamming Solutions

We provide a range of different jamming devices which creates “Free Cellular Space” inside the prison and prevent any possible cellular traffic.
Our state-of-the-art technology when implemented, provides effective and reliable jamming of the entire facility. After a survey by our technicians of your facility we will be able to ascertain the required output power, quantity of devices needed then after a final calibration of the antennas no cellular calls will be possible from inside the facility.  
Different types of software are offered depending on site requirements, complexity and customized solutions are available.




Threat of unauthorized Communication by Inmates


Cellphone use by inmates is a global problem as these restricted calls are to:


  1. Rule their businesses from inside prison
  2. Coordinate their eforts to escape
  3. Obstruct investigations
  4. Receive all relevant information


Cellular Jamming Options


Below are some of the avaibale options for cellular Jamming in Prisons:


  1. Unblock celluar zones for prison staff
  2. Seperate continuos and non continuos jamming of different areas
  3. Installation of special cellular detectors which will switch the jammers automatically on when cellular traffic is detected
  4. Digital technology allow high jamming efficiency
  5. Control Center for real time monitoring jamming process and parameters