SelectaDNA Advanced Forensic Marking

SelectaDNA is the most advanced forensic crime reduction system in the world – a system which irrefutably links criminals to crime scenes and provides an unbreakable chain of evidence in a court of law. Each batch of SelectaDNA contains a non-toxic liquid containing a unique DNA code. The solution can only be seen under UV light.

DNA Forensic Property Marking Kits

SELECTADNA Defence Spray

SelectaDNA property marking kits protect domestic and commercial property from theft and burglary. Property can easily be secure within seconds by simply brushing the solution onto valuable goods. Once applied SelectaDNA dries hard and is virtually impossible to remove.

SelectaDNA Defence Spray is a compact offender marking spray used to deter and prevent personal attack.

By promoting the use of the SelectaDNA Defence Spray within your premises it will form a deterrent to criminal incidents, attacks on staff, premises and property.

SelectaDNA Intruder Spray

SelectaDNA Grease & Gel

SelectaDNA Intruder Spray is the ultimate commercial burglary and robbery deterrent, and an ideal way for businesses, schools and other premises to protect their valuable stock and assets.

SelectaDNA Intruder Spray can be linked to intruder alarm systems, or installed as a stand alone system activated by a panic button. Once triggered SelectaDNA Intruder Spray will soak intruders in a solution containing a unique DNA code and UV tracer.

SelectaDNA Grease and Gel are used to uniquely identify criminals tampering or handling marked goods. SelectaDNA transfers onto his or her hands and clothing. The criminal is then irrefutably linked to the crime scene.

The Police can then scan suspects with UV detection to locate traces of the substance.