Company Profile

Comprehensive Security Solutions Inc. (CSSI) was registered in 2008 under the Register of Business names in Barbados and incorporated in 2009.  The aim of the company is to provide trusted security services and products to governmental and private sector entities,  as well as for home owners in Barbados and across the Eastern Caribbean region. 


In April 2016 we opened our branch office in the Republic of Suriname, an extension of our head office in Barbados which continues to offer technological security and safety solutions. We offer technical advice on security matters and provide customized services to suit our client’s individual requirements.


Our leadership team has over 15 years experience in the security industry while our Director –  Ryan A. Clarke who is a dedicated and focused security proffessional received his training in Security Management from the Proffessional Security Training College in conjunction with the University of the West Indies and is well versed in Occupational Health & Sfaety, Contigency Planning, Crime Scene Management and Fundamentals of Investigations.


Mr. Clarke has designed and implemented numerous security policies and procedures for several companies in Barbados. Other achievements were the launching of the first GPS Watch in partnership with the Alzheimer Association of Barbados to reduce lost perons especially the elderly and partnering with the Royal Barbaods Police force to launch SelectaDNA a forensic liquid for household appliances, tools, jewelry and more which is naked to the human eye but can be traced to the owner and links suspects to crime scenes.


Combined with our leadership teams’ wealth of knowledge and experience which has asisted us to enhance and exceed our clients’ expectations.